Do you speak New Orleans?

I suppose most cities have their own vocabulary, but thanks to its long and colorful history, New Orleans has more than most. Below are a few geographic terms that sometimes confuse tourists.  I hope you will find useful when you are in town for the SLA 2010 Annual Conference.  If you think of some I have left off, please add them as Comments.  (Coming soon:  Food vocabulary!)

CBD–Central Business District, the area around the convention center; roughly, where the tall buildings are.
Vieux Carré—Another term for French Quarter (means Old City).
Uptown—The area upriver (north) of Canal Street, which includes the Garden District, Audubon Park, and Tulane and Loyola Universities.  Like other older parts of the city, it is on higher ground and so did not sustain extensive damage in Hurricane Katrina.
Garden District—Part of Uptown, the Garden District is an old residential area off St. Charles Avenue noted for its beautiful mansions.
Faubourg—Means “neighborhood.”  Faubourg Marigny (east of the French Quarter) and Faubourg Treme (west of the French Quarter) are two neighborhoods that still use this designation.
Neutral ground—What New Orleanians call a traffic median or strip that divides a street.


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  1. Chris Cochran says:

    Moon Walk — Pedestrian walkway, named after former mayor “Moon” Landrieu, along the banks of the Mississippi River, running parallel to portions of the French Quarter. Entrances across from Jackson Square and Jax Brewery.

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