Eight Will be Great

What’s so great about eight?

I’m sure many of you were asking that question when you received your January/February issue of Information Outlook. A flier included with the magazine stated “Eight is Great!” and announced that SLA will publish eight issues of Information Outlook in 2009, down from 12 issues in 2008.

This change was prompted by legitimate financial concerns, but most of you probably saw it as a reduction in service and membership value. Fewer magazines mean fewer articles mean fewer opportunities to learn from peers and subject matter experts. Where’s the greatness in that?

I won’t try to spin the change to eight issues as a positive development. I will, however, make this pledge: Information Outlook will be a better magazine at the end of 2009 than it was at the end of 2008.

As I write these words, a new advisory council of SLA members is being formed to help shape the editorial direction and content of Information Outlook. Later this year, SLA members who visit the Web site will be invited to complete a brief survey about the magazine. The survey answers will help me and the members of the advisory group plan the editorial calendar for 2010.

Information Outlook, like all SLA products and services, is intended to help information professionals better understand and take advantage of trends and developments in their profession and industry. Your input can ensure that Information Outlook becomes the must-read source of information about issues affecting special libraries, their staff, and the clients they serve.

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