Enhance Your SLA 2013 Conference with Social Networking

A few simple and fun activities can go a long way to make your conference experience more interactive, educational, and memorable to you. Here are a few recommendations from SLA staff:

  1. Follow the handle, use the hashtag
    When at the conference, either follow or tune in via your Twitter app to @SLA2013. Because the handle is programmed to retweet everything with #SLA2013, this is a great way to hear what people are saying about certain sessions, capture key takeaways & quotes from sessions you can’t be in, and hear when something you don’t want to miss is just beginning (read: IT Dance Party).And when tweeting, tag your tweets with #SLA2013. This is a great way to connect with your fellow attendees (watch your followers count increase after your first tweet at the conference), develop your professional network, and meet people you will continue to converse with after the conference.
  2. Get your tips, starting now
    SLA members Tracy Z. Maleeff and Jill Hurst-Wahl have already tweeted a plethora of interesting, fun, and useful tips about San Diego. From everything to conference event info to hot tips on local dining, attractions, transportation (you name it), the @SLA2013tips account has it all. Follow the account today to make the most of your experience.
  3. Build, then share, your online planner
    SLA staff recently blogged about using the online planner. Included in that post was filling out your personal schedule. Try logging in using your Facebook account to see which sessions your friends are interested in. Once you’ve fleshed out your schedule, share it via Facebook and Twitter so all of your social media contacts can see what you’re interested in. Sessions with colleagues can be interactive, productive, and fun.
  4. Check out SLA’s Fan Page for daily photo posts
    This year SLA is making room on its photographer’s schedule to capture and post Facebook photos each day. Check out the Fan Page each evening and if you see yourself, tag yourself!
  5. Look for the blog roundup after the show
    Like last year, we’ll be scanning #SLA2013 for all the great conference takeaway blog posts that our  attendees publish, and posting them in a roundup here on the SLA Blog after the conference. Hearing key takeaways from others can inspire action-item ideas, give you ideas for new things to do next year, and contextualize some of the experiences you had at the show.

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments.

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