Enjoying your Mile High visit

Your bags may not be packed yet, but I bet you are thinking about the trip to Denver !

Begin enjoying your stay, before you arrive – by drinking plenty of water on the airplane. Denver’s altitude and dry climate  can dehydrate you before you know it.  Remember  you can’t bring a bottle of water through the security checkpoints, but you can purchase bottled water at newsstands on the concourse.

Worried about Altitude sickness?  Don’t be. Altitude sickness is most common above altitudes of 8,000 feet and Denver is "only" around 5,000 feet.   Just remember to drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol the first day or so and don’t go for a five mile run the first day you hit town.  Relax the first few days you are in Denver – we know you will enjoy our town!

Kathleen Rainwater

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