‘Ensuring a Smooth Progression to New Operational Leadership’


Yesterday, we announced the departure of Janice Lachance as SLA’s CEO. The SLA Board of Directors is committed to ensuring a smooth progression to new operational leadership, and in keeping with that goal I formed a Transition Committee earlier this year. The members of the committee are Jill Strand, our president-elect; John DiGilio, SLA’s treasurer; Tara Murray and Debbie Schachter, members of the board; and Bill Noorlander, a member of SLA’s Finance Committee.

The committee’s charge is as follows:

  • To prepare recommendations for the board on transition and succession planning for the executive officer;
  • To prepare a plan for hiring a new executive officer, including a recommendation on the charge for a Hiring Task Force;
  • To develop a draft compensation and executive officer review policy; and
  • To develop a communications plan in collaboration with SLA staff.

We will continue to share information about the transition with you as developments occur. We invite your feedback and comments by e-mail at sla@sla.org.

— Kate Arnold, SLA President

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4 responses to “‘Ensuring a Smooth Progression to New Operational Leadership’”

  1. 63461 says:

    Hi Kate – in the Nov. 12 you mentioned, “The Board is currently considering several options to serve as an interim CEO until a permanent replacement for Lachance is hired” and yet “SLA Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Doug Newcomb, and SLA Chief Financial Officer, Linda Broussard, will serve as coacting Chief Executive Officers leading the association into early 2015.”

    This release says you, “formed a Transition Committee earlier this year,” so this has been in the works for some time obviously. In the interest of transparency, are you willing to share with us what the options are that are being considered?

  2. SLA says:

    SLA will continue to share information about the transition with members as developments occur. Also see, bit.ly/FocusNextSteps.

    We also invite member feedback and comments via email at sla@sla.org.

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