Transition Committee: Focus and Next Steps


Last week, I announced that I have formed a Transition Committee to ensure a smooth progression to new operational leadership as we move into 2015.

I want to stress that the focus of this committee is on planning and preparing for new operational leadership at SLA headquarters, and as such it is being managed by a small group of members currently serving on the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee. As we turn our attention to selecting a new permanent leader for the association, we will reach out to engage SLA members in that process.

As I noted previously, the committee’s charge is to—

  • Prepare recommendations for the board on transition and succession planning for the executive officer;
  • Prepare a plan for hiring a new executive officer, including a recommendation on the charge for a Hiring Task Force;
  • Develop a draft compensation and executive officer review policy; and
  • Develop a communications plan in collaboration with SLA staff.

The Transition Committee is currently reviewing and evaluating what the best operational leadership scenario will look like for the next 12-24 months, and will be presenting options to the full board in December. In the meantime, I welcome your ideas and suggestions. Please send your thoughts to me at

— Kate Arnold, SLA President

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3 responses to “Transition Committee: Focus and Next Steps”

  1. Bill Drew says:

    I am an SLA member and am active in the Military Libraries division. SLA must provide a way to open up direct communications with the membership including direct access to the president and the executive director. SLA could do this by using its listservs having one open to all SLA members where communication goes in both directions. There are too many layers between the executive board and the membership.

  2. SLA says:

    Dear Bill,

    SLA members do have direct access to all members of the SLA Board-contact information is located here: SLA does share a great deal of information sharing its listservs and through its blog posting. Additionally, the Board provides agendas and minutes for each of its meetings:

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