Four Simple Steps for Submitting a Request for Information (RFI) Using the SLA Vendor Search

Need to submit a proposal or a bid? Try the SLA Vendor Search!

As our managers are asking for more options in content and services to compare pricing in these ever-changing economic times, SLA would like to make it that much easier. In just four easy steps, you can submit your Request for Information (or proposal and/or bid) to vendors using the SLA Vendor RFI Service. The request form can even handle attachments up to 2MB in size.

Here’s how you can send your request to multiple vendors:
1.    Go to the SLA Vendor Search.  Find the vendors from which you would like more information.  You can search or use provided categories.
2.    To the right of each vendor’s name, you will find icons (for phone, e-mail, etc.).  The bottom icon is an “i” for information.  Check the box next to the information icon for each vendor you would like to include on your list.
3.    When you have finished selecting vendors, go to the header bar at the top of the page.  Click on the “i” icon on the header bar.  An RFI will appear, populated with the names of the vendors you have chosen.
4.    Complete the form, add any attachments, and click “Submit” to send your request.

Be sure to share this information on this service with staff responsible for purchasing in your organization. (Please note: the RFI option is only available to vendors who have Web-enabled listings.)

Happy Bidding! 

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