Free Workshop/Webinar: Decision Support for C-Suite Clients

SLA & Drexel University have partnered to provide a workshop on Friday, April 25, 2014 focused on enhancing the value of information services in a wide variety of industries.

Registration is limited! Deadline to register is April 21, 2014. 

Date: 04/25/2014 09:00 AM – 03:00 PM

Location: Drexel University’s Washington, D.C. Office, 801 17th Street, Suite 420, Washington, D.C.

From Big Data to Big Knowledge: Decision Support for C-Suite Clients


Information professionals seeking ways to maximize their value to busy executives will find plenty of insights in day-long educational programs sponsored by SLA and Drexel University. This workshop will be held at Drexel’s Washington, D.C. office on Friday, April 25th, from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. EST, and is free for SLA members (join today!) and students of Drexel.

The Web is well on its way to becoming an open-source knowledge platform, while more internal information is also being opened up to data analytics. Availability of vast new open-source datasets, along with new techniques in semantic annotation, search, and data integration, are driving this transformation.

Information professionals are uniquely positioned to leverage these new resources to enable decision support of internal clients, while judiciously considering issues of privacy and data quality.  On the other hand, failing to understand and leverage these new datasets and techniques may threaten the relevance of an information professional in the workplace. This hands-on workshop features faculty whose research and teaching in the fields of computer science and knowledge management offer a framework to understand the transition from Big Data to Big Knowledge.

The workshop will be held in Washington, D.C. at Drexel’s DC office, 801 17th Street, Suite 420. 

The office is 1/2 block south of the Farragut West Metro (Blue/Orange Line) and 1 block south of the Farragut North Metro (Red Line).


This workshop is the result of a partnership between SLA and Drexel University and is free for SLA members and Drexel students. Continental breakfast beginning at 8:30 am, lunch, and snacks will be provided. Advanced registration is required no later than April 21, 2014!

The workshops will be conducted by leading Drexel faculty members who have made an impact in a variety of different fields:

Lori Richards, Ph.D. is an assistant professor whose areas of expertise include information governance under emerging technologies, cloud computing, and electronic records management.  Lori’s presentation will provide actionable examples of how information professionals can have an impact that reaches the executives of their organizations.

Julia Stoyanovich, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor whose research interests are in data and knowledge management, big data, semantic search and ranking, ranked data, workflows and provenance, and biological data management. Julia’s focus is on developing novel information discovery approaches, with the goal of helping the user identify relevant information, and ultimately transform that information into knowledge.

Lisl Zach, Ph.D. is an associate teaching professor focusing on the nature of information use in organizations. Dr. Zach has carried out numerous user needs assessments, task analyses, benchmarking studies, and program evaluations and has developed a deep understanding of data collection, analysis, and presentation. For the workshop Lisl will draw upon her personal expertise in various fields.

About Drexel University: Founded in 1891 in Philadelphia, Drexel is the nation’s 15th largest private university and is ranked among the best national universities by U.S. News & World Report. Drexel is widely recognized for its focus on experiential learning through its co-operative  education program and translational research initiatives. For more information, please visit

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