Get a Head Start on Leadership in 2020

Want to learn about leadership? A good place to start is a library—but not because it has a lot of books and other resources about leadership.

It’s because it has a librarian.

A librarian may not be the first person who comes to mind when thinking about leadership, but librarians need leadership skills to help manage, advocate for, market, and improve the programs and services offered by their libraries and information centers. Plenty of generic leadership courses and programs are available online, but librarians and information professionals want training that’s more tailored to their particular roles and work environments.

That’s where SLA’s annual Leadership Symposium comes in.

The 2020 Symposium, to be held January 18-20 in McLean, Virginia (outside Washington, D.C.), offers a dynamic program of leadership-focused professional development that will help librarians and information professionals strengthen and refine their skills so they can contribute more to their job, their organization, and their career. Led by Karyn Nishimura Sneath of Npower, the program will help attendees identify their strengths and work habits and better understand the motivations for their work. It will also provide insights into why people work well with some team members and struggle with others.

The Leadership Symposium also will provide networking and social opportunities for attendees to develop and strengthen their professional relationships. And for those who want to explore the many attractions of America’s capital city, the Leadership Symposium is convenient to public transportation that will connect you to museums, galleries, and monuments.

Leadership Symposium attendees say the event is well worth the investment, as these survey responses attest:

“Where else could I go to meet, interact with and learn from so many top leaders in my profession in a small, intimate setting?”

“Walking away with different methodologies and mental models gave me something to apply the moment I was back at my desk.”

The 2020 Leadership Symposium is open to SLA members and students in library school who are not yet members. More information about the Symposium is available here.

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