Getting Ready for #SLAchicago with the New Online Planner

Attending our 2012 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO? Even if you're considering, the Online Planner will give you a feel for what we have to offer. It's all-new, clean, and user-friendly. It's also a great supplement to the 2012 Conference Preview.

Useful Features
Connect through your favorite social networking sites to see which sessions your friends, followers, and connections will be attending, and when. I'm connected through Foursquare, too.

You can easily sort the planner to jump to exactly what you're interested in. Do you want to see which meals are planned for Monday at the conference? Sort by: Networking/Social Events: Meals: Monday, July 16. Hover over any slot to view its brief description.

You can sort by more than just Program, General Session, Networking Event, Reception, or Tour. Say you're a member of the SLA Academic Division and you want to see which programs your division is putting together for you. Hover over Presented by: in the top right, and select Academic Division.

Interested in what a given partner is offering? Hover over "Sponsored by:" and there are your choices alphabetized. 

Play around with your view by changing the Options on the top-right side.

When you're finished with your planning session, you can share your action-packed 3-day itinerary on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to add #SLAchicago to your tweet. It'll be retweeted and @SLAchicago followers can view your schedule to make sure they aren't missing anything they don't want to be.

Let me know if you have questions about using the planner at


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