Getting from DIA to downtown Denver

Denver International Airport, or DIA, is located about 23 miles from downtown. Depending on traffic and weather conditions, it can take 45 to 60 minutes to travel between downtown and the airport.

RTD’s skyRide is a convenient and inexpensive means of transport from and to DIA. A one-way trip on skyRide between the airport and downtown costs just $8.00. skyRide buses stop at the Market Street Station (16th Street Mall and Market Street) or the Denver Bus Center (19th & Arapahoe Streets). Buses are scheduled at least once an hour. skyRide drivers make your trip easy by loading and unloading large baggage for you. The trip takes about 50 minutes on skyRide’s deluxe transit coaches with comfortable reclining seats, individual reading lights, and overhead compartments for smaller luggage.

To get to the Hyatt using skyRide: Board the bus on Level 5 of the airport terminal. Be sure to take the ‘AF’ bus and have the exact fare in cash. Get off the bus downtown at the Market Street Station. Take the free eastbound MallRide shuttle bus seven blocks to California Street. MallRide stops at all intersections and streets are announced. Upon exiting the shuttle, you’ll see the Hyatt one block down California street to your right.

Other options include a shuttle or a shared taxi.

The SLA website has a coupon for the Super Shuttle Service

One-way taxi fare from the airport to downtown is generally in the $50-60 range so it pays to consider your options. If you want to take a taxi, look for the Taxi/Limo booth on Island 1 on Level 5. There is usually someone to ensure taxis are hired in an orderly manner.

For information on taxis , limos or driving to downtown, check out the conference wiki

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