Candidate for 2023 President: Nabi Hasan

Dr. Nabi Hasan is the librarian and head at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Earlier, he has served as the university librarian of Aligarh Muslim University, whose library system is the largest in India. A Ph.D. in library and information sciences, he was the first Norman E. Borlaug Fellow in Library Information Systems at Cornell University in New York.

He has 16 books and 156 articles to his credit and has completed many technology-driven library projects. He has served as the vice president of the Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres, founder and joint secretary of the Asian Library Association, and secretary of the Delhi Library Association.

Since joining SLA about a decade ago, he has served as 2020 president of SLA Asia and currently is the president-elect of the Academic Community. He has also served as chair of the editorial board and director of SLA Asia, as a member of the Annual Conference Advisory Council, the Public Policy Advisory Council, the Reopening Specialized Libraries Task Force, the New Initiatives Review Advisory Council, and the Awards and Honors Committee, and as coordinator and moderator of webinars for SLA Asia and other communities.

His involvement in SLA has earned Nabi a presidential citation, the Bonnie Hilditch, Engineering Librarian, and SLP-SLA Asian Fellow awards, and more. Additional details about him are available at

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Question #1: Why are you a member of SLA? What has kept you a member throughout the years?
SLA is one of the oldest and most dynamic professional associations, providing many career and networking opportunities. As the association’s tagline is “Connecting Information Professionals,” I have been a member for about a decade to connect with the people and information. Being part of the specialized library system, SLA is helping me actively apply the specialized skills to support the information needs of my organization, its clientele, and fellow professionals.

The reach of SLA is throughout the globe; therefore, networking with such a vast number of specialist information professionals is incredible. SLA keeps the members engaged and has provided me diverse opportunities like chair of the editorial board and president of the Asian Community, president-elect of the Academic Community, member of many important committees like the ACAC, PPAC, Online Content Advisory Council, Reopening Specialized Libraries Task Force, New Initiatives Review Advisory Council, and Awards Committee, coordinator & moderator of webinar series in the Asian and Education Communities, etc. My involvement also earned me a presidential citation as well as the Bonnie Hilditch, Engineering Librarian of the Year Awards, etc.

SLA gave wings to my dreams and has been invaluable to me professionally, and for this reason, I will continue to be associated with this great organization.

Question #2: Why are you running for the SLA Board of Directors? What do you bring to the table? How do you plan to help support other SLA members, if elected?
The library and information profession is passing through a tough time, and membership and revenue of the association is decreasing day by day. Therefore, with my over 26 years of experience in the profession, I wish to give back to my own SLA, which has contributed significantly to my professional growth, by running for the SLA Board of Directors.

My vision is clear, and if elected, my first goal will be to link more people together globally and increase the number of members through events and networking, which will also help increase revenue and reach. My experience with consortia and networking with different publishers and associates will help support SLA members, bring more sponsors, and generate revenue through various events, joint projects, etc. Finding new ways of income generation and reducing expenditure is another agenda item so that the financial health of SLA may be improved. The SLA Annual Conference may also find new spaces for innovations, increasing the reach by bringing new people and sponsors to the table. As the association’s tagline is “Connecting Information Professionals,” I have been here for about a decade to connect with you all and to deliver for SLA.

Question #3: SLA is a leader in its commitment to diversity and inclusion and the importance of civil discourse. Share how you have demonstrated leadership or action in these areas, and how your own experiences will inform your contribution as an SLA board member.
India is a country with people from different religions, races, castes, creeds, skin colors, ethnicity, diverse cultures, sexes, etc. Having served over 26 years in supervisory/leadership positions, I have demonstrated and proved myself as a person capable of bringing all such people together. This is perhaps the reason that I could deliver for the profession and people without any biases.

I have also been able to take care of people without any gender discrimination, and if elected as a board member, I will be in a position to uphold the importance of diversity and inclusion. I would also highlight the importance of civil discourse at the highest level, which SLA honors and reflects in its activities. I want to make sure to protect the interests of our differently-abled colleagues, without any discrimination.

We have been able to maintain the highest level of professional conduct, which I wish to continue as per the SLA spirit. I think we can always learn from each other, especially when we are different. Overall, I wish to create and promote an environment that values constructive discussions and the all-encompassing diversity of persons and promotes equity and inclusion of all, in all aspects.

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