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View the Nominating Committee Webinar: Running for the SLA Board of Directors and Beyond: What it Takes to Serve

Each year SLA’s Nominating Committee accepts nominations from members for candidates to serve on the SLA Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee will be seeking candidates for the 2022 SLA Board of Directors. Following feedback from members and recommendations from the previous committee, we have made some changes to the process.

We will be selecting candidates to stand for each of the following positions (specific roles will be discussed with candidates as part of the selection process, and that the description of the starred roles may need to be adjusted in light of the proposed changes for SLA):

  • President-Elect (1 position, up to 2 candidates)
  • Director (4 positions, up to 8 candidates)

Submit a nomination for candidates to stand for election before December 20 at 11:59 PM PT. 

We want the Board to be representative of SLA as a whole and particularly encourage applications from members of underrepresented groups. This year’s Committee is particularly focused on improving the representation of corporate information professionals on the Board and members outside North America and the UK.

The Form asks for:

  • The nominee’s name, title, organization, city, state, country, email address, and phone number;
  • The board position(s) for which you are recommending the nominee;
  • Nominee’s Qualifications (experience both within and outside of SLA)
  • Any supporting documents (Resume, CV)

You can nominate a member for more than one of the positions listed above. View the SLA Board of Directors position descriptions for more information on each position.

Person Specifications

Active member with experience in leadership roles in SLA Essential
Experience in working with a diverse group Essential
Leadership experience outside SLA e.g. through ‘day’ job, other associations and boards Desirable


Knowledge and Skills
Financial understanding Essential
Excellent organisational skills Essential
Communication skills Essential
Interpersonal skills and ability to work as part of a team Essential


Personal Qualities:
Vision: ability to see the big picture and identify a way forward Essential
Objectivity: ability to put personal preferences aside and work towards the needs of SLA as a whole Essential
Courage: willing to speak up, challenge assumptions, make difficult decisions as part of the Board and stand by these decisions Essential
Open to change: willing to consider new and different ways to approach problems, ability to innovate and pivot as needed to move SLA forward Essential
Commitment: ready to participate fully in the Board and follow through on agreed actions Essential
Values diversity: dedicated to strengthening SLA through improving the opportunity of the full range of our membership (and potential membership) Essential


Application Process:

November 2020 Reopen nominations for the Board of Directors
December 2020 Nominations Close
January – March 2021 Nominating Committee reviews applications, conducts interviews, and makes a final selection
April 2021 Presents slate of candidates for Board of Directors approval; followed by the announcement of candidates to SLA members
May – August 2021 2022 SLA Board of Directors Candidates have opportunities to virtually engage with SLA members
September 2021 Board of Directors Election (Membership Votes)
January 2022 New board members begin their term in office
January 2022 – December 2024 Board of Director Term


Running for the SLA Board of Directors and Beyond: What it Takes to Serve

Access Passcode: U4MJ#*hj

SLA Nominating Committee held this webinar for #SLAers to learn more about serving in a volunteer leadership role. Seema Rampersad, Thomas Nielsen, Laura Walesby, and Praveen “P.K.” Jain spoke about their volunteer service and get answers to your questions

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