Preparing a Board Document

1. All documents presented to the Board of Directors for action should include a section indicating where this action fits in with the Mission and Vision of the Association and what return-on-investment (ROI) the action will provide.

2. Content: It will be helpful to the Board of Directors if the rationale for the recommendation is included in the report. A short paragraph containing the background of the problem, the arguments for and against the recommendations, and the reasons for the recommendations will make it easier for the Board of Directors to make its decision.

3. Recommendations: When recommendations are included, they must be summarized at the beginning of the report. Informational documents will not have to include.

4. Financial Impact Statement: In June 1995 the Board of Directors approved a motion requesting “the inclusion of a budget impact statement in all recommendations for all Board actions.” Informational documents will not have to include.

5. Format: The name of the person(s) and/or SLA community/committee making the report should appear on the first page. The names of members of the committee should appear at the end of each committee report.

6. Dissenting Opinions: In the case of association community reports, a dissenting opinion or minority report may be filed by a member of the community in any case where the report does not represent the member’s viewpoint. If such dissent is not filed, it is assumed by the Board of Directors that all members of the community are in substantial agreement on both the report and the recommendations.

8. Number of Copies: Please email the document to the relevant member of the Board of Directors or staff to have your item considered for the agenda.

9. Date: Every report MUST be dated on the first page.

10. Due Dates: The deadline for all board documents is two weeks preceding the meeting.

If your document makes reference to earlier Board actions, please include the document name for reference and the Board meeting date where the document was reported or acted upon. This will facilitate ease of access to background information and enhance understanding of the document you are submitting for Board action or information.

Sample Document Format

TO: Board of Directors

FROM: Association Community, Committee, or Names of Individuals

DATE: Month Day Year

RE: Topic

RECOMMENDATION: That the Board of Directors….




Submitted by:
Prepared by:

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