Awards and Honors Committee

The SLA Awards and Honors Committee is established to recognize individuals who exemplify the characteristics of excellence and have made substantial contributions in the library and information professions and to the association.

Committee Charge
The Awards and Honors Committee shall be responsible for—

  • recommending to the Board of Directors new awards and honors, criteria changes, and overall improvements to the association-wide program to ensure timely and appropriate recognition of the wide variety and ever-changing contributions of members;
  • soliciting and evaluating nominations for awards and honors, then determining qualified recipients to express recognition and appreciation for contributions by members;
  • promoting, rewarding, and encouraging service to the association such that the awards and honors program encourages engagement and contributions to the association; and
  • highlighting the activities and accomplishments of the award recipients in order to recognize their contributions and inspire continued willingness to volunteer by all members.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities
SLA Awards and Honors Program

Committee Composition and Terms
The Committee shall be composed of seven (7) members:

  • the SLA past-past-president, who serves as Chair;
  • the immediate SLA past-president;
  • the SLA president-elect;
  • one (1) member of the Board who is serving in the third year of their term;
  • one (1) representative from the Membership Committee; and
  • two (2) non-Board members at different stages of their careers.

There is no Board liaison for the Awards and Honors Committee. The staff liaison shall be the SLA executive director or their designee. Committee membership term is 1 year, except for the immediate SLA past-president, who will serve as SLA past-past-president and chair of the committee in the following year.

Charge last revised January 2023.

Committee Members
Chair: Tara Grove
John-Luc Christensen
John DiGilio (president-elect)
Sherry Douglas
P.K. Jain
Catherine Lavallée-Welch (immediate past president)
Breezy Silver

Staff liaison: Monica Evans-Lombe

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