Community Support Committee

The SLA Community Support Committee includes interested community leaders as well as the Chair(s) of the Technology Support Subcommittee. The Community Support Committee is convened by the committee chair and meets several times each year to discuss community initiatives, including community-led professional development offerings, leadership training, technology support, webinar offerings, and co-hosting of events and receptions (including the SLA Annual Conference).

Committee Charge
The committee shall be responsible for—

  • advising staff at a strategic level on technology improvements, including the prioritization for budgeting purposes;
  • meeting to discuss professional development training, leadership training, technology support, webinar offerings, and other issues that arise within the membership or are referred by the Board;
  • providing leadership training, including how to run a meeting, how to put together a program and market it, how to create a budget for the year, how to request funds (whether for reimbursement or direct payment), who to contact about what and when, and SLA deadlines; and
  • conveying requests to/from the Board for feedback from the members on Board issues.

Committee charge approved in January 2023.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Technology Support Subcommittee

Committee Composition and Terms
The committee shall be composed of at least six (6) to eight (8) non-Board members, including a chair or co-chairs and chairs of membership subcommittees and task forces. The committee shall also include five (5) to seven (7) interested community leaders.

One member of the SLA Board of Directors should serve as the Board liaison. The staff liaison should be the director of engagement.

Committee members shall serve overlapping 2-year terms. A member starting their second year on the committee should be considered for the position of Chair.

Committee Members
Chair: Christine Geluk
Kevin Adams
Rod Bustos
Ana Mae Bantad-Cantel
Sherri Douglas
Emma Moore

Board Liaison
James Manasco

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