Technology Support Subcommittee

The Technology Support Subcommittee is established to work with SLA staff at a
strategic level on technology improvements, including prioritization for budgeting
purposes, and to provide support to members on navigating SLA’s platforms to maximize their
membership experience.

Subcommittee Charge
The subcommittee shall be responsible for—

  • assessing the current state of SLA’s technology stack to determine areas that need
    improvement and prioritizing them in a way that best serves the needs of the
  • working with the SLA staff to ensure areas that need improvement are addressed to
    provide the best possible user experience;
  • determining areas of future enhancements or expansion to meet the strategic and
    cultural goals of the association; and
  • providing training and support to SLA members, especially community leaders, to
    maximize user ability to engage and participate in the association.

Subcommittee Roles and Responsibilities

Subcommittee Composition and Terms
The subcommittee shall be composed of up to six (6) members:

  • one (1) non-Board member who shall serve as Chair; and
  • no fewer than two (2) and up to five (5) additional non-Board members, one of
    whom will serve as liaison between the subcommittee and dedicated points of
    contact serving as webmasters or equivalent for all SLA communities.

The term shall be two (2) overlapping years. A member serving in their second year should
be considered for the position of Chair.

One member of the SLA Board of Directors shall serve as the Board liaison. The staff
liaison should be the director of engagement.

Subcommittee Members
Chair: Christine Geluk
Julia Bhojoo
Rob Bustos
Connor Cantrell

Board Liaison
Jim Miller

Staff Liaison
Jordan Burghardt

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