Finance Committee

The SLA Finance Committee is established to manage such activities deemed necessary to effectively provide oversight of the association’s financial status and integrity.

Committee Charge
The Finance Committee shall be responsible for—

  • providing financial reports, recommendations, an annual budget, and guidance to the Board of Directors regarding the financial health of the association, such that the Board of Directors is well informed about the financial status of the organization and able to execute their fiduciary duties to the association; and
  • authorizing and reviewing internal and external financial audits as required by applicable laws, to ensure that the association is operating in compliance with such laws.

The Finance Committee shall assume all responsibilities of the Community Finance Subcommittee until the subcommittee is activated.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Committee Composition and Terms
The Finance Committee shall be composed of up to eight (8) members:

  • The SLA treasurer, who shall serve as Chair;
  • Up to two (2) directors of the Board (who should also be liaisons to SLA communities);
  • Three (3) non-Board members; and
  • Up to two (2) presidents (president and president-elect), who are non-voting members.

The committee membership term is three (3) years, with overlapping terms for directors of the Board and non-Board members. The SLA treasurer, president, and president-elect shall serve as appropriate in the course of their elected terms.

The staff liaison shall be the SLA executive director or their designee.

Charge last revised January 2023.

Committee Meetings
Want to attend a Finance Committee meeting? Review the guest and observer policy.

Committee Members
Finance Committee members agree to abide by a participation agreement.

  • Chair: Eugene Giudice (treasurer)
  • Kim Beets
  • Scott Davidson
  • John DiGilio (president-elect)
  • Sandeep Pathak
  • Shelly Ray
  • Ty Webb (director)
  • Staff liaison: Monica Evans-Lombe
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