Community Finance Subcommittee

The Community Finance Subcommittee is established to oversee community funding and reimbursement requests and approve them in an equitable, transparent, and timely manner.

Subcommittee Charge
The subcommittee shall be responsible for—

  • receiving and reviewing funding and reimbursement requests from communities to ensure that ongoing valuable programming by the communities is funded in an equitable, transparent, and timely manner;
  • creating and maintaining clear and concise guidelines and instructions, including a detailed description of the approval process, for communities to receive and return funds; and
  • establishing and communicating the funding and reimbursement approval process clearly to current and future community leaders, in order to alleviate confusion and/or anxiety about the process.

Subcommittee Roles and Responsibilities

Subcommittee Composition and Terms
The subcommittee shall be composed of four (4) members, including one (1) of the non-Board members who is on the Finance Committee. The other three (3) members shall be non-Board members, one of whom shall serve as Chair.

There shall be two (2) liaisons from the Board of Directors, one of whom shall be the SLA treasurer. The staff liaison should be the SLA executive director.

Subcommittee members shall serve two-year overlapping terms. Preference for the Chair shall be given to a member serving in their second year.

Subcommittee Members

Board Liaisons
Eugene Giudice

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