Innovations Challenge Implementation Task Force

The Innovations Challenge Implementation Task Force is established to build on the work of the Innovation Challenge Task Force.

Task Force Charge
The Innovations Challenge Implementation Task Force shall be responsible for developing proposals and plans for implementing the initiatives recommended (or inspired by those) in the Innovation Challenge Task Force’s final report (dated December 2, 2021) in an effort to stabilize and ensure the financial health of the association.

This Task Force will sunset when either plans are recommended or deemed to be unfeasible.

Task Force Roles and Responsibilities

Composition and Terms
The Task Force shall be composed of six (6) to eight (8) members, including five (5) to seven (7) non-Board members. A member starting their second year on the Task Force will serve as Chair.

The Board liaison shall be the SLA treasurer or a director who is serving on the Finance Committee. The staff liaison shall be the SLA executive director or their designee.

Task Force Members

Board Liaison

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