Leadership Cultivation Committee

The Leadership Cultivation Committee is established to seek out and identify members to cultivate for leadership positions in order to establish and maintain a pipeline of future association leaders that fulfill the association’s goals for diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility. This committee adds value by institutionalizing best practices in three areas: strategic recruitment, effective member engagement, and revitalization.

Committee Charge
The committee shall be responsible for—

  • interacting with members at all levels of the association with the intent of identifying and cultivating future leaders, in accordance with the committee’s charge;
  • facilitating introductions between the identified association members and the members of the Nominating Committee in order to supply the Nominating Committee with a substantial pool of potential nominees for SLA elections; and
  • encouraging association members to self-identify and volunteer for positions with committees, subcommittees, task forces, communities, other groups, and micro-volunteering opportunities.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Committee Composition and Terms
The committee shall be composed of six (6) to ten (10) members, including a member starting their second year on the committee who shall serve as Chair, a liaison from the Membership Committee, and a liaison from the Community Support Committee. The committee shall also include five (5) to seven (7) non-Board members.

The Board liaison shall be a member of the Board. The staff liaison should be the director of engagement.

Committee charge approved in January 2023.

Committee Members
Co-chairs: Nabi Hasan and Laura Walesby
Arvin Mehta
Sandeep Kumar Pathak
Dana Sinclair

Board Liaison
Catherine Lavallee-Welch

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