Nominating Committee

The SLA Nominating Committee is established to identify future association leaders to ensure a representative slate of diverse, talented, qualified, and willing candidates for election to all positions on the Board of Directors.

Committee Charge
The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for—

  • seeking recommendations for nominees from sources in the association, especially from community and committee leaders, in order to create a pool of nominees for inclusion on the slate;
  • interviewing nominees to determine their appropriateness for inclusion on the slate;
  • selecting a balanced slate of nominees for inclusion on a slate that is representative and includes diverse, talented, and qualified members;
  • presenting such representative slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors annually, in accordance with the association’s bylaws and other governing documents;
  • providing input regarding the nominations and elections process to staff, such that staff are able to appropriately complete the process; and
  • reviewing and recommending changes to the Nominating Committee guidelines in order to remain in compliance with the association’s bylaws and other governing documents and to ensure a fair, open, and transparent process that best serves the association and its members.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Committee Composition and Terms
The Committee shall be composed of six (6) non-Board members with a wide geographic spread and from as many different SLA communities as possible and at different stages of their careers. The committee members should include—

  • at least one (1) new member (fewer than 5 years’ membership in SLA);
  • at least one (1) mid-career member (5 to 20 years’ membership in SLA); and
  • at least one (1) senior member (20 or more years’ membership in SLA).

The members of the committee shall not have served on either the Board of Directors or on the Nominating Committee within the previous 5 years. Each member shall serve for one year, excepting the chair-elect, who shall serve for a second year as chair. The committee shall select their own chair-elect. No members of the committee shall serve more than two consecutive years.

There is no Board liaison for the Nominating Committee. The staff liaison shall be the SLA executive director.

Charge last revised January 2023.

Committee Members
Chair: Leslie Reynolds
Nabi Hasan
Ruth Kneale
Jaye Lapachet
Shelly Ray
Wei Zakharov

Staff Liaison: Monica Evans-Lombe

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