Strategy and Culture Committee

The Strategy and Culture Committee is established to help the board set the strategic direction and culture of the association by providing a forward-looking vision that shapes the future advancement of the association. This committee exists to help the board—and, ultimately, SLA—reach its full potential with activities that support the Board’s capacity for effective strategic planning and cultural awareness. They produce the association’s strategic plan, with specific, measurable, and achievable goals that are clear and unambiguous to the full membership of SLA.

The committee should establish subgroups for specific purposes. The composition of such subgroups shall include SLA members who are not already members of the Governance and Strategy Committee.

Committee Charge
The Committee shall be responsible for—

  • reviewing the association’s strategic plan on an annual basis to ensure that the plan reflects an appropriate trajectory for the future of the association that will drive value for its members;
  • collecting and analyzing information that will lead to updating the association’s strategic plan in an informed and evidence-based manner; and
  • updating the association’s strategic plan to include current trends and new developments within the association, among the members, and in the information and library science industry, such that the plan drives actions that best serve the needs of the association and its members.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Governing Policies, Documents, and Bylaws Subcommittee

Committee Composition and Terms
The committee shall be composed of up to seven (7) members, including the current SLA president-elect (who shall serve as Chair), the Chairs of any subgroups of the committee, and three (3) non-Board members.

Members shall serve terms of two overlapping years, excepting the SLA president-elect, who shall serve as Chair for one year.

Committee Members
Chair: John DiGilio
Steve Cramer
Richard Huffine
Barbara Kern
Brent Mai
Julie Snyder

Board liaison: Anne Barker

Staff liaison: Monica Evans-Lombe

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