Community Board Liaisons

Formally Chapter 2020 Board Liaison
Arabian Gulf Elaine Lasda
Asia Jill Konieczko
Australia/New Zealand Julie Snyder
Central Ohio Elaine Lasda
Cincinnati Elaine Lasda
Cleveland Elaine Lasda
Eastern Canada Valerie Perry
Europe Emma Davidson
Fairfield County Valerie Perry
Florida & Caribbean Elaine Lasda
Georgia Robin Dodge
Hawaii-Pacific Julie Snyder
Hudson Valley Jill Konieczko
Illinois Robin Dodge
Indiana Valerie Perry
Iowa Jill Konieczko
Kansas/Western Missouri Valerie Perry
Kentucky Valerie Perry
Louisiana/Southern Mississippi Julie Snyder
Maryland Emma Davidson
Michigan Elaine Lasda
Mid-South Emma Davidson
Minnesota Jill Konieczko
Nebraska Valerie Perry
New England Emma Davidson
New Jersey Julie Snyder
New York Robin Dodge
Carolinas Robin Dodge
Oklahoma Jill Konieczko
Pacific Northwest Julie Snyder
Philadelphia Emma Davidson
Pittsburgh Jill Konieczko
Rhode Island Emma Davidson
Route 66 Valerie Perry
Rocky Mountain Julie Snyder
San Diego Robin Dodge
San Francisco Robin Dodge
Sierra Nevada Emma Davidson
Southern California Robin Dodge
St. Louis Jill Konieczko
Tennessee Valley Julie Snyder
Texas Elaine Lasda
Toronto Valerie Perry
Upstate New York Valerie Perry
Virginia Emma Davidson
Washington DC Jill Konieczko
Western Canada Valerie Perry
Wisconsin Jill Konieczko
Formally Division 2020 Board Liaison
Academic Elaine Lasda
Bio-medical & Life Sciences Elaine Lasda
Business & Finance Jill Konieczko
Chemistry Julie Snyder
Competitive Intelligence Elaine Lasda
Education Robin Dodge
Engineering Jill Konieczko
Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Resource Management Jill Konieczko
Government Information Robin Dodge
Information Technology Julie Snyder
Insurance & Employee Benefits Emma Davidson
Knowledge Management Valerie Perry
Leadership and Management Emma Davidson
Legal Robin Dodge
Military Libraries Jill Konieczko
Petroleum Jill Konieczko
Pharmaceutical & Health Technology Valerie Perry
Physics, Astronomy, Math Julie Snyder
Science-Technology Julie Snyder
Social Sciences and Humanities Valerie Perry
Solo Librarians Robin Dodge
Taxonomy Emma Davidson
Transportation Emma Davidson
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