Division Guidelines

Divisions relating to areas of interest actively represented among the members may be established by the Board according to the policies and procedures contained in the Division Guidelines.

Membership eligibility in Divisions shall be in accordance with Article IV of the bylaws. An eligible member may affiliate with more than one Division upon payment of an additional fee for each additional Division.

Divisions shall adopt guidelines for the structure of their units. These shall not be in conflict with the association bylaws.

Subunits relating to definite areas of interest within a Division may be established by the Division. A Division shall provide needed operating funds for its subunits, if any. A subunit shall submit an annual report to the Division including an annual financial statement. Upon dissolution of a subunit, its assets shall revert to the Division.

Each Division shall submit an annual report on its activities and a financial statement to the Association staff officer.

Funds for the operating expenses of a Division shall be provided by allotment of a share of the annual Association dues paid by its members. Each year, eligibility to receive an allotment shall be determined by the Board on the basis of the Division’s financial statement for the previous year. Requests for additional funds or loans may be submitted to the Board and may be granted by the Board at its discretion. All funds received by a Division shall be used exclusively for purposes incident to fulfillment of the Association’s objectives.

Dissolution of a Division, when its usefulness has ceased, may be authorized by the Board. All assets of the Division and its subunits, if any, shall revert to the Association.

The Board may authorize Provisional Divisions subject to such requirements as the Board may determine.

Adopted June 2002

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