Policies and Practices

The Special Libraries Association has established policies and practices for various processes and programs related to the association and its operations. These policies and practices are reviewed periodically to ensure that they are still current. If you have questions or comments about the policies and practices, please send an e-mail to membership@sla.org or call +1.703.647.4900.

SLA Policies  
  SLA Anti-Harassment Policy
  SLA Travel & Expense Policy
  Extra-Association Relations Policy  
  Conflict of Interest Policy  
  Membership Information Policy  
  SLA Investment Policy  
  Reporting Requirements for SLA Units  
  Whistleblower Protection Policy  
  Privacy Policy  
  Non-discrimination Policy  
SLA Practices
Association Leadership
  Credit Card Practice for Association Units  
  Practices for the Formation of Provisional Chapters  
  Practices for the Formation of Provisional Divisions  
  Practices for the Administration of Property Owned by Units of SLA  
  Chapter Practices  
  Practices and Responsibilities of Representatives to Other Organizations and Agencies  
  SLA Guidelines for Advisors of SLA Student Groups  
  Practices for Divisions and Sections  
  Non-Discrimination Practice  
  Right of Fair Use and Reasonable Compensation  
  Practices for SLA Student Groups  
  Practices for Chapter Archives  
  Practices for Division Archives  
  Practice for Exchange of Mailing Lists  
  Records Retention Plan  
  Best Practices for Joint Cabinet Meetings  
  SLA Sponsored Award Naming Practice  
Board of Directors  
  Candidate Handbook  
  Practice for Board Liaisons  
  SLA Board of Directors Vacancy  
  Nominating Committee Guidelines  
  Conference Practices  
  SLA Regional Meetings  
  Practices for Papers Presented at SLA Conferences  
  Leadership Summit & Annual Conference Planning  
  Alternate Conference Housing  
  Community Bank Statements Practice  
  Community Financial Guidelines  
Fund Development  
  SLA and Community Partnership and Sponsorship at Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO  
  SLA Affinity Program Sponsorship Practice  
  SLA Community Fund Development Practice  
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