SLA Business Card Template

SLA has made available an SLA branded business card template for unit leaders to use for their leadership positions.


Download Microsoft Word template to print.

Printing Instructions Business Card Template
This template has been created so that you can download the file, personalize it with your own information and print business cards on a color inkjet or laserjet printer.

Requirements: In order to use this template you need to have Microsoft Word (at least 2003 version). The template is set up for printing on Avery brand, two-Side printable, laser clean edge, business card paper (item numbers: 5871, 5877, or 5870). All text should be in Arial or Arial narrow as laid out in the template. Please do not alter the font color, style, size, or attempt to add additional graphics to the page as it may cause shifting.

Editing: In order to edit this template, open the file in Microsoft Word then click into the area you would like to edit. A blinking courser should show up in the text area and you will be able to highlight and change the contents of that text box. You will need to repeat this for each text area you would like to edit. Once you have made all your edits, you can save a copy of this file by going to File: Save As, and saving a copy to the location of your choice.

Questions or Problems
If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact the Leadership Department or +1 703.647.4938.

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