Committees and Councils

SLA committees and councils are established by the board of directors. They are responsible to the board of directors and help the board carry out the goals and objectives of the association.

Committees report to the board and either advise or recommend. Advisory councils report to the executive officer and work with staff.

Per Article XIV: Committees, Section 2. of the Bylaws:

The president shall appoint the members and designate the chair of all committees except the nominating committee.

Appointments to standing committees shall be made to provide continuity of membership. No member may serve on any one committee more than six consecutive years.

It is the annual responsibility of the president to appoint the positions of chair and fill all expiring committee/council positions. Member term lengths vary from one to three years, and the length of term should be agreed upon appointment. Committee/council chairs shall be appointed annually by the president for terms of one year. Under exceptional circumstances, a president may ask a sitting chair to serve a second year as chair. Appointments run a calendar year (January 1–December 31).

For example: a member is appointed to a two-year term (2015-2016) on the Public Relations Advisory Council. In 2015, she/he is a member of the council. At the end of 2015, he/she may be contacted by the 2016 SLA president and asked to serve as chair of the council.

Annual Conference Advisory Council
Awards and Honors Committee
Emergency Preparedness & Recovery Advisory Council
Finance Committee
Governance and Bylaws Committee
Industry Partners Alliance
Information Outlook Advisory Council
Membership Advisory Council

Nominating Committee
Professional Development Advisory Council
Public Relations Advisory Council
Students and New Professionals Advisory Council
Student Groups
Technology Advisory Council

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)  Representatives
IFLA is the leading international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users. It is the global voice of the library and information profession. SLA belongs to 5 of the 43 IFLA Sections.

Presidential Task Forces
Task Forces are established by the SLA president to carry out special projects. The groups are given specific tasks and a timeline for completion of the project.

International Task Force
Shared Learning Resources Initiative Task Force




Liaisons to the Committees, Councils, and Task Forces
Board Liaison Staff Liaison
2018 Annual Conference Advisory Council Laura Walesby Ann Marie Ruskin
2019 Annual Conference Advisory Council Alex Grigg Dean Ann Marie Ruskin
Awards and Honors Committee Tom Rink Mike Rosenberg
Emergency Preparedness & Recovery Advisory Council Barbara Kern Stuart Hales
Finance Committee Nick Collison Kristen Hewlett
Governance & Bylaws Committee Hal Kirkwood Amy Burke
Industry Partners Alliance Nick Collison Kathy Bradley
Information Outlook Advisory Council Hildy Dworkin Stuart Hales
Membership Advisory Council Amy Jankowski Mike Rosenberg
Nominating Committee Dee Magnoni Amy Burke
Professional Development Advisory Council Hildy Dworkin Ann Marie Ruskin
Public Relations Advisory Council Amy Jankowski Rebecca Flick
Students & New Professionals Advisory Council Tom Nielsen Mike Rosenberg
Technology Advisory Council Barbara Kern Rebecca Flick



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