Public Policy Task Force

Appointed by Dee Magnoni, 2017 SLA President

The Public Policy Task Force will explore the definition of advocacy within SLA, using SLA’s mission, vision, values and policies as guiding statements. The Task Force will track and report on current public policy impacting SLA members and information professionals. Resources and educational content will be gathered to keep members informed and help guide decisions and outreach to member communities. Additionally, the Task Force will consider its role in educating and informing people outside the SLA community on public policy topics in the information industry.

Jamie Lin

Task Force Members
Eli Edwards
B.P. Prakash
Nick Lamb
Scott Brown
Jim Miller
Marjorie Greer
Stefanie Maclin-Hurd
Becca Smith
Sarah Braun

Staff Liaison
Amy Burke

Board Liaison
Catherine Lavallee-Welch

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