Tasks for Modern Information Professionals

“Big data and smarter technology can make today’s information professional more influential than ever, but the free availability of information is sometimes a threat. No longer data gatekeepers, information professionals must work hard to demonstrate their value in new ways. Doing this means making a fundamental shift from isolated, technical expert to multi-skilled team member, enabling decisions and proactively integrating into the organization.”


The three sentences above frame what may well be the biggest challenge facing librarians and information professionals today—demonstrating that they are the optimal solution to the information problems plaguing their organization and reinforcing the value they provide. This challenge formed the basis of a joint study by SLA and the Financial Times, which culminated in the publication of a report, The Evolving Value of Information Management, in November 2013.

The report, which is available free to SLA members, identified 5 essential attributes of modern information professionals and set forth 12 key tasks they must perform. Since the publication of the report, several SLA members have shared their thoughts about the 12 tasks through blog posts.

Any large business structure consists of several units, and local teams are formed in each department who are competing with each other. Spy app can play a key role in this struggle.

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