SLA Representatives

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA): SLA Representatives

Douglas Newcomb, Delegate
Tom Rink, Official Observer

The SLA Board Liaison for all Representatives is SLA’s Past President, Tom Rink. The Staff Liaison for all Representatives is Amy Burke.

IFLA Sections and SLA members on the Standing Committees
SLA belongs to 5 of the 43 IFLA Sections. These are identified by an “*” and bolding. Not all IFLA Section Committees have an SLA member on them. Not all nominees were elected, so not all Sections of which SLA is member have a representative. The next election cycle will occur in 2017 for 2017-2021. Please contact Amy Burke any questions regarding the following information of interest in positions with IFLA.

Donna Scheeder
IFLA President August 2015- July 2016

Section 1. National Libraries
Section 2. Academic and Research Libraries
Section 3. Library and Research Services for Parliaments

Section 4. Government Libraries

Jerry W. Mansfield (2011-2015)

Section 5. Social Sciences Libraries

Sylvia Piggott (2013-2017)

Section 6. —
Section 7. Science and Technology Libraries

Christina Birdie (2009-2013; 2013-2017)

Section 8. Public Libraries
Section 9. Libraries Services to People with Special Needs

Section 10. Libraries for Children and Young Adults

Sushma Arora (2011-2015)

Section 11. School Libraries and Resource Centres
Section 12. Bibliography

Section 13.*Cataloguing

Dorothy McGarry (2011-2015)

Section 14. Acquisitions and Collection Development
Section 15. Document Delivery and Interlending
Section 16. Serials and Other Continuing Resources
Section 17. Government Information and Official Publications
Section 18. Rare Books and Manuscripts
Section 19. Preservation and Conservation
Section 20. Library Buildings and Equipment
Section 21. Information Technology
Section 22. Statistics and Evaluation

Section 23. *Education and Training

Judith Field (2013-2017)

Section 24. Library Theory and Research
Section 25. Africa
Section 26. Asia and Oceania
Section 27. Latin America and the Caribbean
Section 28. Health and Biosciences Libraries
Section 29. Classification and Indexing

Section 30. Art Libraries

Martha McPhail (2003-2007; 2007-2011; 2013-2017)

Section 31. Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities
Section 32. Library Services to Multicultural Populations
Section 33. Literacy and Reading

Section 34. *Management and Marketing

Cynthia Hill (2013-2017)

Section 35. Audiovisual and Multimedia

Section 36. Reference and Information Services

Marydee Ojala (2013-2017)

Section 37. Genealogy and Local History
Section 38. —
Section 39. Newspapers

Section 40. *Management of Library Associations

Janice R. Lachance (2007-2011; 2011-2013; 2013-2017)

Section 41. —
Section 42. Information Literacy

Section 43. *Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning

Sandy Hirsh (2013-2017)

Monica Ertel (2007-2011), (2011-2015)

Section 44. Library History
Section 45. —
Section 46. Metropolitan Libraries

Section 47. *Knowledge Management

Wilda B. Newman (2013-2017)

Jane Dysart (2007-2011), (2011-2015)

Section 48. Law Libraries

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