Policies and Practices

The Special Libraries Association has established Policies and Practices for various topics related to the Association and its operations. Some of the Policies and Practices were established for various program areas in the Association. These Policies and Practices are to serve as informational purposes for SLA Staff, SLA Board of Directors and SLA Association Units. The Policies and Practices are reviewed periodically to ensure that they are still current. If at anytime you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact membership@sla.org +1.703.647.4900.

The following policies were adopted in June 2002:

SLA Policies
SLA Anti-Harassment Policy
SLA Travel & Expense Policy
Extra-Association Relations Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Membership Information Policy
Affirmative Action Policy Statement
Indemnification of Officers and Directors
SLA Investment Policy
SLA Subsidiary Funds Summary of Purpose
Research Fund Statement of Purpose
Electronic Information Policy
Reporting Requirements for SLA Units
Appointment of Association Delegate to IFLA and FID Representative (Under Construction)
SLA American Express Miles/Points Policy
SLA Practices
Association Leadership
Credit Card Practice for Association Units
Information for SLA Committees & Representatives
Practices for the Formation of Provisional Chapters
Practices for the Formation of Provisional Divisions
Practices for the Administration of Property Owned by Units of SLA
Chapter Practices
Practices and Responsibilities of Representatives to Other Organizations and Agencies
SLA Guidelines for Advisors of SLA Student Groups
Practices for Divisions and Sections
Practices on Speaker Fees and Honoraria
Operation of the SLA Employment Clearing House
Book Publishing Agreement
Non-Discrimination Practice
SLA Media Practice
Right of Fair Use and Reasonable Compensation
Practices for Chapter Level Affirmative Action Liaisons
Interim Practices for Implementation of Joint Sponsorship of Continuing Education Seminar of a Unit and the Education Committee
Practices for SLA Student Groups
Practices for Chapter Archives
Practices for Division Archives
Government Relations Practice Statement
Practice for Exchange Advertising in SLA Publications
Gifts and Bequests Practice
Practice for Exchange of Mailing Lists
Records Retention Plan
Information Resources Center Acquisitions Practice
IRC Mission Practice
SLA Canadian Priorities
Graduate Education Position Statement
Practice For Administration of Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Practices for Evaluation and Approval of Annual Conference CE Courses
Unit Employment Services Practice
Best Practices for Joint Cabinet Meetings
The H.W. Wilson Company Award Practices
SLA Sponsored Award Naming Practice
Board of Directors
Practice for Board Liaisons
SLA Board of Directors Vacancy
Nominating Committee Practices
SLA Scholarship Committee Practices
Professional Development Committee Education Practice
Conference Practices
SLA Regional Meetings
Practices for Papers Presented at SLA Conferences
Leadership Summit & Annual Conference Planning
Alternate Conference Housing
Calendar of Deadlines for Annual Conference
Reciprocal Annual Conference Registration Fees
SLA Position Paper on Library Photocopying
SLA Practice on Reprint Permissions
SLA Authorization to Reprint
SLA Credit Practice
Unit Bank Statements Practice
Fund Development
SLA and Unit Partnership and Sponsorship at Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO
SLA Affinity Program Sponsorship Practice
SLA Unit Fund Development Practice


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