How to #SLAtalk

Enjoy these 10 helpful tips from SLA member Emma Davidson.

The #SLAtalk twitter chats will bring together SLA members from across the globe. They’re a great way to connect with new
people, to share information, and to benefit from different perspectives on common issues.

The best way to find out how they work is to tune in at the specified time and
join the conversation, but we’ve put together the following set of pointers to
help you make the most of the experience.

1. You can follow the chat through Twitter itself: just type #SLAtalk into the
search box. However other software – such as, or – can make for a better experience, so it might
be worth doing some investigation beforehand.

2. The most important thing to remember is
to include the hashtag #SLAtalk in each of your tweets, as this will make them
visible to all participants.

3. Once the talk starts it is helpful to send a tweet introducing yourself – no
need to get too personal but it’s good to know who everyone is (especially if
your twitter handle doesn’t include your name). This can also be a good time to raise any issues you’d like to add to the
discussion, or relevant expertise you can share.

4. The discussion will be structured around pre-advertised questions, so please
do try to keep to the topic. Include in your responses which question
you’re addressing. Sample response, “1: setting job alerts on the SLA Career
Center keeps me up-to-date on job openings in my industry. #SLAtalk”

5. Feel free to retweet any comments you particularly like or agree with.

6. If you’ve come across any articles or blog posts which might be interesting
to other participants then please share the links.

7. Respond either to a particular individual comment or remark on the
discussion topic – it’s your choice.

8. If you wish to play devil’s advocate to explore a certain angle of the topic
that’s fine, but please keep it courteous.

9. If you’re uncertain about anything just say so – other participants will be
happy to help.

10. Enjoy yourself! And if we’ve missed anything obvious from the above please
let us know.

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