Improve Information Visibility by Getting to Know Your Users

Want to make your information—and, by extension, yourself and your library or info center—more visible and valuable? Of course you do. But the key to information visibility doesn’t lie in new technologies or marketing campaigns. The answer lies in the people who use your information and specifically in their information behaviors.


“… [T]he area of user behavior offers the greatest opportunity for leaps forward in efforts to make information more visible,” writes Robin Neidorf in an article for Information Outlook. “With some practical, low-investment approaches, you can make enormous progress in helping users get maximum value from the content you provide and the supporting technology.”

Robin and her colleagues at FreePint spent three months earlier this year studying the influences that make information visible to users. They concluded that librarians and information professionals must clearly understand why and how their customers look for information and the ways they use it so they can identify strategies and tactics for making information more visible.

“… [I]nformation does not exist in a vacuum—its value to the business comes through users and how they interact with it,” she writes. “Without understanding the thinking and habits that underlie those interactions, it’s very difficult to make progress toward improving users’ ability to see the most useful stuff.”

To learn more about how to influence the information behaviors of your users, read the article.

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