Improve Your Intelligence Skills in 2021

Wondering what 2021 has in store for you? Make sure better intelligence skills are part of the answer by enrolling in one or more of SLA’s certificate courses in competitive and decision intelligence, starting with INTEL-01: Essentials, Ethics, & Current Practices, which is now accepting registrations.

The certificate program in competitive and decision intelligence provides two certificate options: (1) the Library and Information Science Professionals “Core” Certificate, which requires 14 courses, and (2) the Competitive & Decision Intelligence Intel Information Function Certificate, which requires 9 courses. INTEL-01 is required for both certificates, as is INTEL-02: Intelligence Projects & Project Management, which is also open for registration.

Numerous studies have shown that the COVID-19 virus has disrupted government and business operations (especially supply chains) and upended entire industries, notably health care and travel and tourism. These industries and organizations will need to rebuild and refocus their intelligence capabilities to make optimal use of their resources in a post-virus world.

The certificate program in competitive and decision intelligence sets forth a comprehensive set of intelligence competencies that outline and define the skills and attributes essential to providing good intelligence. These competencies are discussed in INTEL-01 and serve as the springboard to intermediate and advanced functions, practices, and techniques covered in the overall program.

“We begin to build your intelligence competencies by looking at what distinguishes intelligence from research—even intelligence-oriented research,” says Cynthia Cheng Correia, managing director of Knowledge inForm, which presents the courses. “We focus on what all practitioners need to understand to produce sound intelligence, and how LIS practitioners can identify and expand their opportunities through competitive or decision intelligence.”

INTEL-01 starts on January 18 and runs through February 5; INTEL-02 begins on February 8 and ends on February 26. Lectures for both courses (and for all Competitive and Decision Intelligence Certificate Program courses) are pre-recorded to allow participants more flexibility and convenience. Both course schedules include two live meetings to provide time for group discussions and questions.

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