InfoTrends: A Technology Experience Like No Other

Working remotely and sheltering in place have put a premium on technology skills and networking opportunities. On June 30, SLA is hosting an event that combines the best of both, in an interactive forum that puts attendees “in the room” with subject matter experts, fellow librarians and information professionals, industry partners, and students.

Registration is now open for InfoTrends, a half-day learning and networking experience that transcends webinars and Zoom meetups. InfoTrends will utilize the presentation and connection capabilities of Remo (see conceptual image below), an all-in-one conferencing platform that offers real-time, face-to-face engagement. Attendees will be able to interact with speakers and fellow attendees during the education sessions—where they’ll also join in small breakout discussions—and in the networking breaks that follow.

Attendees will have plenty to talk about during the breaks, because the sessions and speakers at InfoTrends are designed to keep librarians ahead of the ever-advancing technology curve and well positioned to help lead their organization into a post-COVID-19 environment.

Out of the Cloud and into Your Library: Putting Emerging Technologies to Use. You’ve heard about virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing, but how can these emerging technologies be used in libraries? Hear from Christina Mune about innovative technology projects and resources at San Jose State University libraries and how they enhance library services, spaces, and programming. Stephen Rhind-Tutt will explain virtual reality technologies, describe their applications within libraries, and discuss what virtual content can look like as part of a digital catalog. Learn how virtual reality technology is being used today within libraries and come away with practical tips for how to do so.

Refresh Your Search Strategies: New Tools, Tactics, and Technologies. Online research—both on the web and in value-added online services—has changed radically over the past few years. In this session, Mary Ellen Bates will offer practical strategies and techniques for getting better search results today by taking new approaches and thinking differently about search. Mary Ellen will be joined by Scott Brown, who will offer strategies for search with respect to social media, including how to find unique business and industry information.

The registration fee for InfoTrends includes the education sessions, networking breaks, a virtual check-in (where attendees can build their profile and practice using Remo), and a virtual reception. The student registration fee also includes one free year of SLA membership.

Ready to engage with new tools, share new ideas, and make new connections? Register now for the one must-attend technology experience of 2020: InfoTrends!

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