Intelligence: It’s Much More than Good Research

Ever notice how some organizations seem to make smarter decisions than others? Ever wonder why—do they conduct better research, or are they just better at using it?

SLA’s certificate program in Competitive and Decision Intelligence takes the mystery out of making better decisions and replaces it with frameworks, models, processes, practices—and above all, skills. Through a blended learning approach that includes live lectures, live discussions, and hands-on training, the program teaches you the skills you need to—

  • define the key intelligence needs of your organization and users;
  • identify and manage biases that can affect your research and analysis;
  • help your organization understand, assess, and anticipate threats and opportunities;
  • understand competition through win-loss analysis; and
  • establish and manage an intelligence program.

The program consists of 14 courses, which can be taken individually as specific needs arise or collectively to earn the certificate. The courses are conducted online using GoToWebinar, although two courses—Human Source Intelligence (INTEL-07) and Intermediate Competitive Intelligence Analysis (INTEL-09)—are being taught in person in June at the SLA 2018 Annual Conference in Baltimore.

In today’s ever-more-competitive economic environment, you can’t afford to simply conduct good research and hope for the best. Learn the skills you need to enhance the competitive and decision intelligence capabilities of your organization and start putting them to use today!

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