James E. Manasco-Candidate for Chapter Cabinet Chair-Elect-Question #1 Imagine you have just finished your term on the SLA Board of Directors, what did you accomplish?

I ran for office to continue my service and dedication to SLA that began even before I served as Kentucky Chapter President and Sci-Tech Division Chair in 02/03.  My primary mission was to be a resource and sounding board for Chapter leaders and represent them during board deliberations.
I labored on a long-standing personal interest:  recruitment and retention of members.  While Kentucky Chapter President, I facilitated a proposal, intended to remove financial barriers and increase membership, resulting in a new dues category for those earning less than $35,000 per year.  As a board member, I facilitated programs to improve the association’s membership health.  I am most proud of the project to link “orphan” members, who did not designate a Chapter affiliation when they joined, to the appropriate “home.”  Other programs included Chapter programming for unemployed members, increasing Chapter involvement with library schools and promoting leadership training for new professionals. 

If only I could have convinced the board to have Jimmy Buffett perform at every Closing Reception <sigh>.

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