Jane Kinney Meyers Awarded One-Year SLA Membership


Jane Kinney Meyers (left) was awarded a one-year SLA membership for her poster "Lubuto: Excellent Special Libraries for African Street Children" at the Poster session & open house of the Social Science, Museum, Arts & Humanities, and Education Divisions. The open house attendees, who chose the winner by voting with chips, also selected two runners-up: Jacy Bell ("Information Accessibility and the Disability Community") and Cheryl Klimaszewski ("Putting a Face on the Information Divide: A Look at Two Romanian Villages").

Posted by Filipino Librarian

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One response to “Jane Kinney Meyers Awarded One-Year SLA Membership”

  1. Neil Infield says:

    I was so impressed by this project. The complete opposite of so many ill informed and patronising charitable activities in African countries.
    Jane brings inside knowledge and passion to help the local communities benefit from building and running their own libraries.

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