KMKS104. Networking and Social Media: Technology-Enabled Knowledge Sharing

KMKS104 | Networking and Social Media: Technology-Enabled Knowledge Sharing


                         Scott Brown                            Deb Hunt
                                           Scott Brown                                                   Deb Hunt

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KMKS104 provides techniques and strategies for incorporating networking and social media into the company’s enterprise-wide knowledge services function. Attendees are given an overview of the knowledge services construct, and the course demonstrates how networking and social media tools support the development of the knowledge culture in the larger company or strengthens the knowledge culture already in place.  Topics include:

  • Social media basics (definitions/applications/organization role), including an introduction to various social media tools such as blogs, wikis, file-sharing, and discussion-based collaboration tools and how they are used within organizations for knowledge sharing and knowledge development (KD/KS)
  • The connection between the organizational structure and the political environment for social media in the workplace, including the value for the development of organizational policy with respect to networking and social media
  • An understanding of management responsibilities and accountability for networking and social media, especially skills development and engagement mentoring
  • An understanding of the critical role of value creation and effectiveness measures, including direction for establishing ROI for resource allocation for social media
  • The ability to establish network/critical path analysis for decision making, including network analysis and the value of cooperative and collaborative relationships and purposes and results for individuals as they utilize social connections as networks
  • Strategic direction development, including assessment and best practices for the effective application of knowledge management tools and strategies, including networking and social media
Performance Measure

Added value is delivered through the design of an action plan for implementing a specific networking/social media enhancement for each participant’s organization. Using learning outcomes from the course and based on their understanding of the current or potential value of networking and social media to the parent organization, the exercise enables attendees to return to the knowledge management/knowledge services workplace with a product that can be implemented immediately and that can serve as a foundation for a new direction in networking and social media utilization.


While the primary goal in developing these programs is to allow SLA members to earn a Certificate in Knowledge Management, each of these courses has inherent value and may be taken a la carte. KMKS101 is recommended, but not required, to be taken before this course.

What people are saying about the KMKS courses:

“The presenters are very knowledgeable…and did a good job of explaining [the topic].”

“Being able to bounce ideas off of and gain clarification from the instructors on the material covered was extremely helpful.”

“The instructors are knowledgeable and were able to communicate the concepts effectively.”

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