Competitive and Decision Intelligence Certificate

SLA is pleased to partner with Knowledge inForm to offer the Certificate Program in Competitive and Decision Intelligence.

The Competitive and Decision Intelligence Certificate Program is designed to help information and knowledge professionals become effective and valued researchers, analysts, and intelligence practitioners. Whether you are in a corporate setting, academic institution, or not-for-profit entity, this program will prepare you to support your organization’s situational awareness, foresight, and other decision and intelligence needs.


“There’s something very satisfying about being involved with scientists and engineers and pushing ideas up through your organization and giving presentations at the executive leadership level, which I never thought I would be doing before. And this program gave me the confidence to do that.”

— Vicky Bellon, Land O’Lakes


Program Details

Program courses are offered both online and in traditional workshop settings. Each type is structured to present you with information, instructional content, and hands-on experience that are essential to support your professional development. Each online course includes recorded lectures, live and online discussions, and exercises that enhance and reinforce the self-paced reading material prescribed.

During years when SLA has an in-person annual conference, in-person course workshops are offered for INTEL-07 and INTEL-09. These are day-long sessions which feature live lectures, discussions, and exercises.

Courses also present cases and examples that are aimed to stimulate ideas, discussions, and offer opportunities to explore fact-based and issues-based questions with the course instructor and colleagues. Participants can share questions and explore scenarios specific to their job and professional situations. Course assessments, exercises, and discussions will measure and evaluate the degree of understanding that participants achieve over the learning process.

Certificate Options

Participants can select an individual class based on specific education needs, or enroll in the full program to earn a program certificate. Attainment of a certificate through the program will be contingent upon successful completion of all courses, including successful participation in course discussions and exercises.

The program provides two certificate options:

Program Value to Employers

When you enroll your employees in SLA’s Competitive and Decision Intelligence Certificate Program, you can be confident they—and you—will benefit from the following:

  • A practical approach that emphasizes immediate application of the skills, techniques, and tools presented in the program;
  • Training content that draws on the strengths of both academic and business intelligence training programs, resulting in significant cost savings and greater value.
  • The flexibility offered by combining online and applied courses, which results in less time spent traveling while providing vital hands-on exercises and experience to employee participants.
  • A self-paced program with à la carte options that meet your staff’s level of experience.
  • The flexibility to complete the program in as little as 10 months or as long as 3 years, depending on the requirements and timeline of your organization or employee.
  • An emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving in intelligence practices and decision support through live lectures, live and online discussions, readings, and exercises.
  • Enhanced competitive awareness and competitive intelligence skills information and knowledge workers, in particular, will make more impactful contributions toward an organization’s decision-making function and competitiveness.
  • A targeted and structured program that is designed to build on the skills, knowledge, and experience of information professionals, and enhance their contributions to your organization.

About the Instructor

Cynthia Cheng Correia helps professionals and organizations enhance what they do. For over two decades, she has helped managers and companies develop their competitive intelligence (CI), critical foresight, and strategic capabilities through advising, training, improving processes and practices, & applying effective tools. Click here to learn more.

2021 Course Details and Registration

Registration is open. Click on the course links below for more details and to register. All 2021 courses will be held online (traditionally, two courses are held in-person).

NOTE: There are no prerequisites in the program. You DO NOT need to take INTEL-01 to register for INTEL-02 or any other course. Courses can and are meant to be taken a la carte.

Registration Closed Jan 18-Feb 5 INTEL-01 Competitive & Decision Intelligence: Essentials, Ethics, & Current Practices – lower price!
Registration Closed Feb 8-26, 2021 INTEL-02 CI Project Cycles & Project Managing the Function
Registration Closed Feb 15-Mar 5 INTEL-07 Human Source Intelligence
Registration Closed Mar 15-Apr 2 INTEL-03 Intelligence Published Source Collection: Management
Registration Closed Apr 12-30 INTEL-14 Identifying & Managing Biases in Research, Analysis, & Decision-Making
Registration Closed May 3-28 INTEL-08 Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Fundamental
Registration Closed June 7-July 2 INTEL-09 Competitive Intelligence Analysis, Intermediate
Registration Closed July 5-23 INTEL-01 Competitive & Decision Intelligence: Essentials, Ethics, & Current Practices – lower price!
Registration Closed July 12-30 INTEL-13 Establishing & Managing an Intelligence Program
Registration Closed Aug 9-27 INTEL-07 Human Source Intelligence
Registration Closed Aug 16-Sept 3 INTEL-04 Intelligence Published Source Collection: Research 1
Register Now Sept 13-Oct 1 INTEL-05 Intelligence Published Source Collection: Research 2
Register Now Sept 6-24 INTEL-15 Intelligence Defense
Oct 11-29 INTEL-06 Knowledge Management for CI
 Oct 4-22 INTEL-16 Social Media for Competitive & Decision Intelligence
Nov 1-19 INTEL-10 Management Analysis
Nov 29-Dec 17 INTEL-11b Issue Monitoring & Analysis

Program Cost

INTEL-01: $295 for SLA members; $515 for non-members.
Other individual online courses: $495 for SLA members; $715 for non-members.
In-person courses held at the SLA Annual Conference: $595 for SLA members; $790 for non-members.

Refund Policy

All registration cancellations are subject to a $50 administrative fee. Full refunds for online courses, minus the $50 fee, will be made only if a written cancellation is received before the first day of the course. If cancellation is received on the first day of the course, a 50% refund, minus the fee, will be granted. Refunds will not be processed after the first day of the course. Cancellation requests should be sent to


Competitive and Decision Intelligence online courses are conducted using GoToWebinar. Review the Attendee Quick Reference Guide for more information. Please check with your IT department to see if you have authorization to access GoToWebinar.

Getting Started

Prior to the start of each course, participants will receive a welcome note from SLA staff that includes the course materials and information about registering for the online sessions. Make careful note of the date of each online session and the course requirements.

Questions? Contact

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