INTEL-06. Knowledge Management for CI

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2021 course dates will be added soon.

How can I apply knowledge management to enhance my organization’s competitive intelligence & assets?

Knowledge management (KM) is vital to optimizing competitive intelligence and intelligence defense. It is an often neglected function, however, resulting in loss of knowledge assets, intelligence gaps, and inefficiencies. In this online course, we address these risks and examine: 1) how internal and external knowledge can be maximized to generate intelligence 2) KM considerations, issues, and techniques for each function of the Intelligence Process/Cycle 3) how KM can be integrated into an organization’s intelligence program/system 4) tools that facilitate KM in CI and 5) how to employ KM in your organization’s intelligence defense.

Critical Learning Questions

  1. How can knowledge management enhance and facilitate intelligence generation? What are barriers to this and how can I address them?
  2. What types of tools are available to support the KM for competitive intelligence? How do I implement KM tools and techniques to support competitive intelligence?
  3. What are the cultural, behavioral, ethical, and organizational considerations in applying KM in CI?
  4. What are key issues and challenges regarding KM for CI? How can I help my team or organization overcome them?
  5. How can KM help my organization secure and protect its competitive assets?

About the Instructor

Cynthia Cheng Correia helps professionals and organizations enhance what they do. For over two decades, she has helped managers and companies develop their competitive intelligence (CI), critical foresight, and strategic capabilities through advising, training, improving processes and practices, & applying effective tools. Click here to learn more. 

Course Schedule

A note regarding the new course schedule: Lectures for the Competitive and Decision Intelligence Certificates Program courses are now pre-recorded. This offers participants more flexibility and convenience to listen to recordings according to their schedules. There will be only two live meetings focused on group discussions and questions for the dates listed in the course schedule, below.

Course Dates: 2021 course dates will be added soon..

Member Price: $495 Non-Member Price: $715

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