Copyright Leadership Certificate

Program Dates:
January 24 – May 25, 2022

Register now for the Copyright Leadership Certificate Program! This program will give you the knowledge, confidence, and practical skills to—

  • know when and how to obtain copyright permission;
  • provide quick answers about copyright law and licensing digital content;
  • develop best practices for lowering copyright risks in your library or organization; and
  • understand and explain U.S. and global copyright law principles.


“I now have much firmer footing around the laws that govern copyright. I can speak from a much more knowledgeable position and can advise my staff in a much more knowledgeable way than I would have been able to prior to the course. And I was really pleased with how flexible the instructor was.”

— Monique Mackey, North Carolina Area Health Education Centers


Program Details

The Copyright Leadership Certificate is a self-paced, online, five-course program that provides you with the confidence and practical knowledge to address copyright challenges and avoid copyright infringement. Whether you’re new to copyright or have a basic understanding but want to enhance your current knowledge base, you’ll benefit immeasurably from this program.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • immediate access to course materials beginning January 24;
  • five comprehensive courses that interconnect and build upon one another to clarify the role of the non-lawyer in managing copyright issues;
  • an asynchronous format (e-tutorial style rather than webinar-based) that allows for self-study and enables you to accommodate work and family obligations, travel schedules, and so on;
  • recommended readings and resources for each course (200-plus recommended resources in total);
  • written course materials that can be downloaded and used after the program ends;
  • opportunities to interact with fellow students;
  • three months to absorb the material and understand how it applies to your particular situation (extendable to five months);
  • unlimited opportunities to ask questions and share specific situations with the instructor and fellow participants;
  • exclusive tools for each course, adaptable for use by participants (10 tools in total); and
  • a blueprint you prepare on how to manage copyright in your library/information center and organization.


The cost for the five-course certificate program is $1,499. Groups of three or more persons from the same organization can take advantage of the $150/person group discount ($1,349 each). Price includes five e-tutorials with 54 e-lessons, assignments, 10 customizable tools, online discussions, and virtual classroom meetings.

About the Instructor

Lesley Ellen Harris, JD, is the CEO of and a copyright consultant, published author, copyright blogger and educator. She is an expert in navigating copyright issues in today’s modern world. Her areas of concentration include U.S. and Canadian copyright law, international copyright law, and licensing digital content. You can see her bio here.

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