Copyright Leadership Certificate

Registration is now open for the Copyright Leadership Certificate Program!

Program Dates:
September 20, 2021 – January 7, 2022

The Copyright Leadership Certificate will give you the knowledge, confidence, and practical skills to—

  • Know when and how to obtain copyright permission;
  • Provide quick answers about copyright law and licensing digital content;
  • Develop best practices for lowering copyright risks in your library or organization;
  • Describe U.S. copyright law principles; and
  • Explain global copyright law on a practical level.

Want to learn more?

Get a taste of this program with a 30-minute online learning program taught by instructor Lesley Ellen Harris. 10 Essential Copyright Compliance Tips Every Info Pro Must Know is available as an on-demand recording. Free for SLA members and $19 for non-members. Click here to Register.

The Copyright Leadership Certificate is a self-paced, online, five-course program that provides you with the confidence and practical applications to avoid copyright infringement. It’s for those new to copyright or those seeking to enhance their current knowledge base.

  • $1,499
  • Group discount option: $1,349 each for three or more persons from the same organization
  • Five e-tutorials with 54 e-lessons, assignments, 10 customizable tools, online discussions, and virtual classroom meetings

What you’ll get:

  • 5 comprehensive courses that interconnect and build upon one another. An understanding of the role of the nonlawyer in managing copyright issues
  • A format that allows for self-study, work and family pressures, travel schedules, and so on (e-tutorial style rather than webinar-based)
  • Comprehensive recommended reading and resources for each course that are vetted and clearly described in course materials (over 200 recommended resources in total)
  • Written course materials that are excellent reference materials after CLC ends (over 250 pages if printed)
  • Networking opportunities with fellow students
  • Three months to absorb the material and understand how it applies to your particular situation (extendable to five months)
  • Unlimited opportunities to ask questions and share specific situations with fellow participants
  • Exclusive tools for each course, adaptable for use by participants (10 tools in total)
  • A blueprint you prepare on how to manage copyright in your library/information center and organization


Lesley Ellen Harris, JD, is the CEO of Lesley is a copyright consultant, published author, copyright blogger and educator. She is an expert in navigating copyright issues in today’s modern world. Her areas of concentration include U.S. and Canadian copyright law, international copyright law, and licensing digital content. You can see her bio here.


By participating in’s Copyright Leadership Certificate, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe U.S. copyright law principles
  • Explain global copyright law on a practical level
  • Know when and how to obtain copyright permission
  • Provide quick answers about copyright law and licensing digital content
  • Develop best practices for lowering copyright risks in your library or organization

We’ll work with you to:

  • Develop your breadth of knowledge of copyright principles
  • Lower your risk of copyright infringement
  • Increase your knowledge on when and how to obtain copyright permissions
  • Network with other copyright professionals
  • Find practical solutions to your everyday copyright questions and issues
  • Gain the confidence you need to lead copyright issues in your organization


The Copyright Leadership Certificate is a great, well-paced overview of copyright law, with material to continue to study on my own and to continue to use as reference in the future. The email format of the lessons worked great. The self-grading quizzes in each lesson helped me focus on what I failed to learn/understand and need to relearn. I will use the fair use tool and many of the charts and guides provided. I found the class list had great potential for network contacts as well, should I have questions in the future and may want to reach out. Thanks to the Certificate, I am now able to respond with more confidence to copyright questions and know when to seek further advice from legal. The Certificate was definitely worth the price and I recommend it to others.
— Jane E. Matthews, Cook Research, Inc.

The Copyright Leadership Certificate exceeded my expectations. I did not expect the course to cover as much material as it did. I will be applying a number of changes throughout the rest of year due to what I learned in the Certificate program, mostly to our copyright guidelines. I would absolutely recommend this program to others.
— Irina Burns, Academy of Management

I must say that I really love these lessons. So clearly written and just when I thought I understood how something worked, enlightenment happens. I like that they’re flexibly written so you can handle them one-off, as my workload is a jealous mistress.
— Cindy Alfieri, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

I just graduated from the Copyright Leadership Certificate and I’ve already started a permissions log and I am writing copyright policies and guidelines for the library. I think Lesley did a great job of connecting with people. Not everyone does that well in an online class situation but she took time to have “face meetings” and stayed in touch through the group project and the blog. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed the program.
— Jean Waldrop, Library Director, Brackett Library, Harding University

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