Certificate Programs and Courses

Why Should I Get a Certificate?

The Certificate in Knowledge Management/Knowledge Services offers participants information on knowledge management theory as well as practical information that can be used to implement and maintain knowledge services in their organizations. Courses will explore knowledge audit planning and techniques, development of an enterprise-wide knowledge culture, the role of social media in knowledge management, and the measurement of knowledge services success.

How do the courses in this program compare to other courses?

The courses are designed specifically with the needs of information professionals in mind. Both participants and employers have found that the SLA certificate programs offer immediate benefits and tremendous value. We build on the strengths of information professionals and help participants fill their knowledge gaps in support of career expansion or transition into a new field. Our blended approach offers a mix of online and onsite sessions, lectures, live and online discussions, practical exercises and other features, thereby addressing a variety of learning styles. Our participants find they can immediately apply the techniques, tools and frameworks they learn to their work.

Is this program open to non-members?

All certificate programs and courses are open to both SLA members and non-members.

Can I take courses even if I don’t plan on completing the full certificate program?

Yes. Courses may be taken à la carte, and in any order.

Are courses conducted online or in person?

Both. We understand that information professionals must balance a variety of commitments. We also recognize that, to build the skills and experience necessary for good practice, a hands-on format can be more efficient and effective in many cases. To maximize flexibility and build essential skills, we’ve designed the certificate programs with a blended approach.

KM/KS courses are offered online and onsite at the SLA Annual Conference, although the KM/KS program has been designed so that onsite courses are not required for a diploma.

Are the online courses self-taught?

No. To ensure a quality experience and to provide a richer experience for each participant, the online courses are led by instructors who are experienced in both in-person and online instruction.

What are the components/requirements of the online courses?

Online courses consist of the following:

  • Recordings of lectures
  • Pre-recorded PPT presentations;
  • Selected readings that reinforce the lectures; and
  • A practical exercise/online quiz to assess learning.

Each component is self-paced.

What are the component/requirements of the in-person courses?

Each in-person course consists of lectures, discussions, and exercises. Exercises are designed to develop and reinforce the necessary experience and skills. They involve actual techniques and models that you can begin to apply immediately.

How much time will each course require?

For online courses, each course is estimated to require approximately 10-12 hours of work. This includes the online sessions, readings, and exercises. Actual time spent will vary by individual.

For in-person courses, each course takes one day to complete. This includes lectures, discussions, and exercises.

How many courses are required to earn the certificate for Knowledge Management/Knowledge Services?

There are six (6) courses in the certificate program. The introductory course (Fundamentals of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Services (KMKS101) is a recommended prerequisite for all courses. However, as courses are offered à la carte, KMKS101 is only recommended, not required.

Do the classes need to be taken in the order they are listed?

Courses may be taken in any order, although some certificate programs have recommended prerequisites.

How long will it take me to complete a full certificate program?

It may take as little as six months or up to three years, depending on which program you pursue, your requirements, timetable, and program/course scheduling.

I’ve never used GoToWebinar before. How do I know if I can?

Review the GoToWebinar and other technical information. You may also want to conduct a test session and read the Attendee Quick Reference Guide for information about using the service.

How much will a complete certificate program cost?

We have designed the certificate programs to provide information professionals and their employers with the benefits of academic and commercial training programs but at significantly less cost.

The total cost depends on which program you pursue, as each requires a different number of courses for completion.

What types of payment options are available?

We accept payment by credit card and by check. Contact learning@sla.org or call +1.703.647.4914 for more details.

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