Honor Code & Access Notice

Use for SLA Certificate Programs

By enrolling in an SLA certificate course, participants agree to conduct themselves in a way that is consistent with association and standard professional expectations, ethics, and policies. Participants are expected to maintain integrity and honesty in their activities and involvement with each course. Participants agree that all work conducted as a part of this course is performed solely by the participant.

SLA retains the right to grant certificates, including assessing a participant’s qualification for certificate status. Plagiarism, cheating, misuse of resources (including content, software, hardware, and facilities), violation of licensing terms and agreements, and violation of copyright law can result in expulsion from the course and the certificate program and/or legal action.

Access to content, technology, materials and other resources is provided solely to participants through license by SLA and its partners (SMR International) for the duration of a course. Participants will abide by relevant intellectual property laws, including those of the United States. Participants will not duplicate course materials or disseminate them to another party without prior permission of SLA and/or the copyright holder, or otherwise engage in activity that violates copyright and ownership laws. Participants may make printed copies of materials distributed to them for their sole use in their professional development. Participants may store lecture handouts and other distributed materials in digital format on a local computer or in limited-access form (i.e., accessible only to the participant) on a network.

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