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The best-kept secrets at SLA Annual Conferences are the contributed paper sessions, which feature SLA members sharing their research and scholarship with their colleagues and peers. For more information about contributed papers, click here.

The following studies were funded by SLA Research Grants. Note: The Stephen I. Goldspiel Memorial Research Grant Funds were incorporated into the SLA Research Fund in 2007.

Reports and Studies
These reports were published by SLA in conjunction with industry partners.

Task Force on Value Metrics
In January 2013, then-SLA President Deb Hunt created a task force to respond to a letter to the editor from SLA member Deanna Morrow Hall (Information Outlook, Nov/Dec 2012, p. 3). Hall’s letter referenced five studies of corporate library value that SLA had funded in previous years and concluded that “… if corporate libraries are still unable to measure and communicate their value to top management, it is not for lack of definition as to how to do it. Rather, it is the result of a failure of SLA, as their professional organization, to assimilate what is already known, and from this, to create standard templates from which corporate librarians may choose the method(s) most applicable to their individual situations.”

The task force developed a report that highlights the methods used in determining the value of information services in the five studies.

The five value studies that served as the basis of the task force’s report are as follows:

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