Expand Your Career Potential: Increase Your Expertise, Compensation and Career Satisfaction, Parts I and II
These are tough times, but information professionals possess many marketable skills that may be easily adapted to access, organize and unlock the value within the paper or digital knowledge information assets for their organization or their clients. This program offers practical advice to help information professionals assess and expand their existing skill sets and develop new areas of expertise to broaden their career potential, maximize their earnings in their current position or gain that competitive edge for landing their next job.

In the first session, the presenters identify and discuss those skill sets that are in the greatest demand in the library/information world. They also examine alternative jobs and potential career paths for librarians and information professionals contemplating a career change or transitioning into a non-traditional role. Attendees will be able to develop their own customized action plan to identify, augment and acquire those new skills that will provide the ticket to expanded career growth, increased compensation and greater career satisfaction.

In part two, the instructors explore a variety of settings outside the library realm where information professionals are working and thriving. The presenters draw upon their own experiences and present case studies of former librarians who have made the leap into an alternative career. The presenters identify the many “personas” used by the most successful librarians/information professionals in our profession. Attendees will develop their talking points, “elevator speech” and other communication skills that will help them get to “yes” and consistently prove their value to their organization.

Presenters: Deb Hunt, Information Edge; David Grossman, Mill Valley Public Library

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Locating Open Positions
This presentation explores matching what you learned in library school with the skills and opportunities you’ll find in special libraries and organizations. Anne reviews how to take advantage of your network to find positions and think broadly about where to look. Also covers key tips for your job search and best sources for information professionals.

Presenter:  Anne Caputo, Dow Jones

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Moving into Management and Team Leadership Roles, Parts I and II
Whether you are moving into a new position at your current organization or taking on a new team-lead role at a different organization, the first 3 months are critical for your longer term success. Yes, your success depends on your ability to do the job, but equally important is being clear on what your job is – and isn’t – what your management expects from you, and your ability to focus on the right things with the right approach. This 2-part program provides practical tools for a smooth transition and successful takeoff. Participants will come away from the programs having completed tools that clarify expectations, priorities, plans and stakeholder relationships, as well as an individual action plan for transitioning to a new job, goals and priorities for the next 3 months, and a specific approach for delegating and creating a motivating environment.

In part one, participants learn about making the move to a new position, including clarifying expectations and establishing early goals, even if your new boss doesn’t think this is necessary. It’s also important to understand yourself and the importance of knowing your tendencies to better understand those working with you. The instructor also covers why politics and relationship building are critical, and how to approach these responsibilities with confidence and competence.

Session two focuses on specific competencies that will help participants make the successful transition to new responsibilities, including balancing priorities and avoiding burnout, even as projects, urgencies and priorities shift; delegating and coaching employees to help them build on their strengths; and communicating at the right time and in the right way.

Presenter:  Rebecca Jones, Dysart & Jones Associates

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This presentation covers building your network at your current job, within your profession, at conferences, and through virtual tools. The presenter includes the top mistakes of networking, and tips for what actually works, as well as key resources.

Presenter:  Cindy Hill, The Hill Information Consulting Group

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Research Businesses, Parts I and II
Workforce reductions, downsizing, and layoffs are terms we’re all too familiar with today. For those considering a career change, it’s important to realize that your knowledge base is transferrable. Developing a research business, also known as information brokering, is an exciting avenue to pursue and makes use of your existing research, writing, and communication skills. Owning a research business is one way to generate income creatively, puts you in charge of your life, makes it possible to work from home, and is intellectually stimulating. You have an opportunity to meet new people across the globe and work on interesting projects that contribute to the success of your clients.

Those who operate research businesses are part of a cadre of independent information professionals (IIPs) who conduct online, telephone or library research. The first session, an introduction to starting a research business, explores the types of services offered by IIPs, including secondary and primary research, competitive and market intelligence and analysis, or company and industry research. Some IIPs offer other services such as consulting, publishing, editing, or database and taxonomy development depending on interests and background. You can work as a generalist or specialize because of many target markets, industry sectors, and niches; or, you can focus on small and large companies – or both – in the public or private sector. This program covers skills requirements, desirable personality traits, marketing, deliverables, and budgeting and fees.

Session two focuses on the wide ranges of resources and tools required for starting a research business including an overview of fee-based aggregators and databases as well as deep Web sources and tools used for Internet research. The presenter shares tips and tricks for becoming a top-notch researcher.

Presenter:  Amelia Kassel, MarketingBase

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Salary Negotiation
This presentation, from the author of “Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute,” discusses when in the hiring process you should talk about salary, what information you need to know in advance, how to approach the negotiation, and what else you need to consider.

Presenter:  Jack Chapman, Lucrative Careers, Inc.

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Showcase Your Work, Experience and Skills: Using Google Sites to Create an E-Portfolio
Learn how to use Google Sites to create an e-portfolio to showcase your work, experience, and skills! In this Webinar, inspired by an earlier program that introduced the idea of e-portfolios to attendees, presenters Lisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas will show you how to get started on your e-portfolio and demonstrate step-by-step how to create one using Google Sites. Then, you’ll learn strategies for sharing and promoting your e-portfolio. Join us, and you’ll be ready to create a visual and interactive representation of your knowledge and career experience…and stand out from the crowd.

Presenters:  Lisa Chow, Brooklyn Public Library and People Interact; Sandra Sajonas, Brooklyn Public Library and People Interact

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Using E-Portfolios to Showcase Your Work, Experience and Skills
Learn how to use e-portfolios to showcase your work, experience, and skills. In this webinar, we will cover the basics of e-portfolios including what they are and how the compare to traditional resumes and CVs, online tools to create and host e-portfolios, how to effectively promote your e-portfolio, and using web analytics to gauge the impact of your e-portfolio.

Presenters:  Lisa Chow, Brooklyn Public Library and People Interact; Sandra Sajonas, Brooklyn Public Library and People Interact

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