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Battling Information Overload: Information Professional Skills to Help You Through, Parts I and II
Learn quick and easy principles for dealing with information overload, including organization skills, how to filter your input, time management, and stress management. Participants learn how to manage email, RSS feeds, social networks, IM, SMS, telephone, and more. Come away with a plan for tackling your own virtual or physical pile of overload. Session one explores how to use your already well-developed information professional skills in the great battle against information overload. Discover key techniques to manage your time and stress levels, filter inputs, draw boundaries between work and home life, and organize your incoming and saved information. Session two offers tips for staying current with specific technologies.

Presenter: Sarah Houghton-Jan, San José Public Library

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Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn: Advanced Searching and Features, Parts I and II
LinkedIn can provide a wealth of company and industry information. In these two sessions, we’ll focus exclusively on LinkedIn and go beyond the basic information available. We’ll look at newer features, such as Skills and News, and how you can incorporate these into your search and ongoing tracking of companies and industries. We’ll also look deeply at the advanced features on LinkedIn. You’ll walk away with a list of tactics for mining LinkedIn. We’ll also take some time to discuss using your privacy settings to protect your own information. In session one, Scott provides an overview of the basic features of LinkedIn, and focuses on advanced People search feature, the use of profiles to find more company information and experts, best practices in finding, mining, and participating in Groups, and how to connect with experts in LinkedIn, including etiquette and best practices. Session two explores the LinkedIn features Skills and News. The presenter covers additional features you may not know about, LinkedIn’s tracking and alerts capabilities, and managing and protecting your own information through LinkedIn’s settings.

Presenter: Scott Brown, Social Information Group

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Social Business: Social Media Tools for Business and Competitive Research
Traditional resources for business, company, industry and competitive information can be complemented by the effective use of social media tools, such as LinkedIn, blogs, Twitter feeds, and social networking groups. This session will showcase tools and techniques that the researcher can use to find valuable and unique information you can’t find anywhere else. We will conduct live demonstrations in finding company information, industry groups, and key executive information. We’ll also look at ways you can find professional resources and connections to experts in the information field.

Presenter: Scott Brown, Social Information Group

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Social on the Edge: The Best Social Tools You May Not Have Heard Of
Most people are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and how to find information in these tools. The presenter steers away from these relatively well-known social tools and looks at some unique and lesser-known tools and apps, and why you might want to use them for information and research. He also looks at a few tools that may be familiar, but which you may not have thought about for business, industry, and competitive information. Some of the tools covered are Meetup, Quora, Twubs, and Flickr and other image sharing sites. The session wraps up by briefly talking about the rise of mobile apps, and also look at the state of emerging tools in the social space.

Presenter: Scott Brown, Social Information Group

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Twitter for Librarians
What can you say about your library in 140 characters or less? What can you ask your colleagues? Twitter is all over the news as a tool for kids–but it can also be of use in your day-to-day library life. Twitter makes a bad first impression, but it has been used to push many libraries and businesses into the public eye with little effort or money. Learn what Twitter is, the tools for using it efficiently and how other libraries are using Twitter in their communities.

Presenter: Nicole C. Engard, ByWater Solutions

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