CCM200. U.S. Copyright Essentials

Instructor: Lesley Ellen Harris, Copyrightlaws.comLesley Ellen Harris

Course Dates: February 8 – 22, 2016
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This online course covers the principles of U.S. copyright law, including the U.S. Copyright Act and court cases. Topics covered include:

  • background on U.S. copyright law
  • composition of U.S. copyright law
  • criteria for copyright protection (e.g., originality and fixation)
  • what works are protected
  • how to protect copyright works (e.g., registration and copyright notice requirements)
  • ownership
  • protection of rights
  • copyright protection duration
  • exploitation of rights
  • copyright infringement and remedies

Note that fair use/dealing will be briefly covered in this course, but is dealt with in greater depth in CCM500.

This course is about U.S. copyright law and is open to a global audience. If you live outside of U.S. and want to learn about how the law works in the U.S., join us. Some background on U.S.-international copyright obligations will be discussed, as well as some comparison of laws in other countries from the U.S. perspective.  CCM300 covers global copyright essentials.

Performance Measure

Course assessment, exercises and discussions will measure and evaluate the degree of understanding that participants achieve during the learning process.


For those not based in Canada, this online course is one of eight required courses for SLA’s Click University Certificate in Copyright Management. It is an elective for Canadians pursuing a full certificate (CCM201 is required for Canadian participants). CCM100 and CCM300 are recommended, but are not required, to be taken before this course. There are no prerequisites for non-certificate participants, who may take any certificate course(s) à la carte.

What people are saying about the value of the copyright management courses:

“This particular course really satisfied my need to explore the U.S. copyright law in a detailed and supportive setting.”

“I now have a better understanding of the U.S. Copyright Act. I also appreciate how the various components of the act are intertwined with my day to day job responsibilities.”

“This course has been extremely useful to me; I appreciate the focus on introducing primary sources.”

* A late fee of $50 will be added to your invoice if you register at or after midnight (12:00 a.m. ET) on the first day of the course. Late registration does not guarantee live access to the first course session.

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