CCM600. Best Practices for Copyright Compliance

Instructor: Lesley Ellen Harris, Copyrightlaws.comLesley Ellen Harris

Program Schedule

Course Date: Saturday, June 11, 2016
Location: SLA Annual Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Member Price: $395.00
Non-Member Price: $495.00
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This onsite course covers issues in managing the use of copyright-protected materials, and will take copyright managers to the next level of expertise and understanding. The content in CCM600 is not country-specific, and participants from around the globe will benefit from learning how to manage copyright and licensing issues without being a lawyer. Topics covered include:

  • the meaning of “managing” the use of copyright-protected materials
  • how to avoid copyright infringement lawsuits
  • copyright risk management
  • obtaining copyright permissions for print and digital works
  • the role of copyright collectives (such as the Copyright Clearance Center)
  • how to work with digital license agreements
  • negotiating and interpreting license agreements
  • unlocatable copyright owners
  • monitoring legal and illegal uses of copyright-protected works (including digital ones)
  • what to do if your enterprise is accused of copyright infringement
Performance Measure

Course assessment, exercises and discussions will measure and evaluate the degree of understanding that participants achieve during the learning process.


This onsite course is one of eight required courses for SLA’s Click University Certificate in Copyright Management. CCM100, CCM200 and/or CCM201, CCM300, CCM400, and CCM800 are recommended, but are not required, to be taken before this course; however, participation in this course requires a knowledge of basic copyright management principles and issues (including fair use/dealing).

There are no prerequisites for non-certificate participants, who may take any certificate course(s) à la carte.  However, participation in this course requires a basic knowledge of copyright management issues and principles (including fair use/dealing).

What people are saying about the value of the copyright management courses:

“Excellent that we were able to meet and discuss in-person real-life issues that we experience daily/weekly/monthly.  A fantastic course!”

“[This course] helped to reinforce my understanding that copyright is not always clear.”

“This class was excellent.  I feel like I have a roadmap for what I need to do.”

“Interaction with people from various work environments and situations is always a good thing.”

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